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Kurt Rotthoff

Kurt Rotthoff is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance at Seton Hall University’s Stillman School of Business, which is located in South Orange, NJ (20 kilometers from New York City). His research interests include behavioral economics, financial economics, industrial organization, the application of economics and finance to the sports industry, and the economics of education. Dr. Rotthoff teaches Principles of Economics, Money & Banking, Sport Finance, and a seminar on Economics & Liberty to undergraduate students. He also teaches Principles of Economics, Principles of Finance, and Sports Finance to MBA students. He holds a B.S. from Westminster College (PA), and an M.A. and Ph.D. at Clemson University’s John E. Walker Department of Economics. He has published papers in many journals including Applied Economics Letters, Applied Financial Economics, Economic Affairs, Economics Letters, Economics of Education Review, International Journal of Sports Finance, Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Sports Economics, Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, and the Review of Industrial Organization. Dr. Rotthoff spent six summers teaching overseas with The Fund for American Studies in Prague, Czech Republic and one summer in their program in Crete, Greece.


Michael Jaskie

Michael is a former Distinguished Economics Research Fellow at the Goldwater Institute and currently working on an PhD in Economics at Arizona State University specializing in Macroeconomic Development, investigating investment and market efficiency in developing countries.  He teaches  Principles of Microeconomics and has been a guest lecturer on Economic Growth at a Language of Liberty Camp in Southeastern Poland.  In addition to his Masters degree in Economics, he has a bachelors in Computational Mathematical Sciences both from Arizona State University.  Prior to returning to school for his PhD, he coordinated grassroots political activism for a US Presidential Campaign and served as an advisor on two Arizona State Legislative Campaigns.


Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski

Jakub is a three-time summer fellow at the Mises Institute, and a three-time fellow at the Institute for Humane Studies, currently working on a PhD on the theory of public goods in the Department of Political Economy, King’s College London. He has published in, among others, „Independent Review”, „Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics”, „New Perspectives on Political Economy”, „Libertarian Papers”, and „Reason Papers”.