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Growth of Polish-American Leadership Academy, it’s future and indirectly future perspectives for the cause of Liberty in Poland, rely solely  on the financial situation of our operations. PALA is fully funded from private sources: student’ fees, grants, and donations. We do not accept public source of funding what makes us independent from any sort of political pressure. The fact that we do not use taxpayers’ money is very exceptional in Poland where most of the educational institutions is heavily funded by either Polish government or the European Union.
We believe in freedom and responsibility, thus we want to be faithuf to these ideas. We can make it happen only with support of the people who share these believes and value our hard educational work. People like you.


Our project is growing, but we cannot maintain appropriate rate of development without sufficient funds. The support of our like-minded friends, will help us continue generating sound scholarship and strategic plans to  defend and expand freedom in Poland. We hope that through our efforts, Poland will become in Europe what America is to the world:  A model of liberty. Please thoughtfully consider making a contribution of your choice.  Please consider a donation for the Polish-American Leadership Academy. To secure future of young generation, the future of Freedom.


Polish-American Leadership Academy is a project of Freedom & Entrepreneurship Foundation, indepentent Polish think-tank. We are proud  member of the ATLAS Network, the global network of free market think-tanks. Thanks to ATLAS we can offer our American donors an  opportunity to make  tax-deductible donations of your choice. It’s very easy: please go to the ATLAS donation page  and in the field „Please designate my gift to specific Atlas program” write-in „For Polish-American Leadership Academy”


What a certain amounts can buy:

$10.000 would let us to fund a semester-long education of PALA alumni at the famous George Mason University in the United States.
$5.000 would let us to fully fund a week-long summer seminar (Liberty English Camp) for 20 outstanding PALA alumni.
$2.000 is the amount of money we need to publish 1000 copies of our students’ essay on ethical foundations of the free society.
$1.000 can provide 10 full scholarships for talented students attending classes in Poland
$500 can fund whole semester of webinar course of „Liberty in the World” available for students without extra costs.

Thank you!

Yours for Liberty,
Jacek Spendel
Executive Director