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What do we offer our students?


The Polish-American character of the Leadership Academy comes from our strategic partnership with Language of Liberty Institute (www.languageofliberty.org), an American NGO that organizes Liberty English Camps and Seminars, to  educate young people in English about entrepreneurship, classical liberal philosophy, and free-market principles. The second strategic partner of PALA is Goldwater Institute,  based in Arizona (www.goldwaterinstitute.org). Other partners of PALA , such as CATO Institute, Slovenia Liberty Seminars and The Fund for American Studies, have prepared attractive offers for the top graduates of the Academy. Graduates will be evaluated on the basis of exam results and knowledge of the English language. Awards will consist of some combination of the following


  • Paid internship at Goldwater Institute in Phoenix
  • Internship at Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation
  • Participation in Liberty English Camps in Poland and Ukraine (free of charge)
  • Participation in CATO University summer seminar in Washington, D.C. (free of charge)
  • Participation in „Liberty Seminar” in Slovenia (scholarship)
  • Scholarship to cover most of the tuition fee of the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems – a prestigious summer school in Prague
  • Material prizes (books, DVDs, etc.)