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What is the Polish-American Leadership Academy?


PALA aims to educate a new generation of leaders: politicians, journalists,, teachers, businessmen. We currently see a young generation of social and political activists unprepared to address  the actual needs of their friends and neighbors; rather, they have been trained to follow the orders of their superiors. PALA plans to change this by offering training for young people who wish to improve their leadership skills to design and direct successful projects.


A typical semester at the Polish-American Leadership Academy consists of these four modules:

  • communication strategies
  • political philosophy
  • free-market economics (basic and advanced courses)
  • ethics and morality of capitalism

Classes are taught by experienced professionals from Jagiellonian University, University of Silesia and Mises Institute, and often include interesting special guests.

PALA is based in Katowice, but our classes are available online to anyone  with a good internet connection. Each four-month course ends with an exam, and the best students will find new career possibilities.